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Looking for Partner in Japan


Наша компания ищет партнера в Японии.
    Партнер должен установить правильные отношения с японским производителем продукта «Х».
В результате мы должны получить все необходимые документы для ЭКСКЛЮЗИВНОГО распределения своего продукта

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Good day!

Our company looking for Partner in Japan.
Partner should establish correct relationships with Japanese producer of product "X".
In result we should get all necessary documents for EXCLUSIVE distribution their product in few Asian countries.
Begins from:
* Confirmation Letter
* Certificate for Single Partnership in Country 'X'
* Signed Contract for Exclusive Regional Distribution
and end wth
* Beginning of Trade Mark Protection Registration process in local countries of Asian region
* Legalization of products in Local Government's Responsible Departments through pass necessary Tests and other Examination for Product Quality

Income: we accept share net profits 50/50 from each order.

Work with Countries Representatives Establishing on a basis Yearly contracts with monthly purchases. This mean constant stability Profit for both Parts per each new Contracts with local Representatives in Regions.
Partner - You - should provide 100% right work in Japan behalf of factory, we provide sells and constant orders.

Waiting for your soonest reply!

Best Regards,
IvanAsia Ceo, Oriental Business Alliance

(Work): +1 (951) 363 25 33
+84 (126) 416 21 11
(Personal): +84 (121) 550 51 11
Fax: 151-87887845
Email: Imex.world2020@gmail.com
Skype: Oriental-Business

We look forward to a long and happy business relationship, and we once again thank for choosing our Alliance for your business needs.

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