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Nissan Chemical Industries,LTD.

Owner: 裕一郎 山田

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Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda-Nishiki-cho 3-7-1 Fukui, Japan 101-0054

phone: view phone+81332968040

website: www.nissanchem.co.jp


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Nissan Chemical Industries was founded in 1887 as Tokyo Jinzo Hiryo (The Tokyo Artificial Fertilizer Company), Japan's first chemical fertilizer manufacturer. It all started when Dr. Jokichi Takamine, who is perhaps best-known for his discovery of the takadiastase enzyme, witnessed the age's state-of-the-art chemical fertilizer production technology while studying in England. It was a defining moment in the young man's life. Upon his return to Japan, he enlisted the aid of some of the era's most successful business tycoons (such as Eiichi Shibusawa and Takashi Masuda) to launch a groundbreaking business that would revolutionize Japanese agriculture. The company motto, "to dedicate ourselves to prosperity of the nation by agricultural fertility" was always foremost in the minds of Nissan Chemical's founding fathers as they toiled to build the agricultural foundation that would support the entire country. Their unyielding commitment paved the way to dramatic increases in domestic food production. That same pioneering spirit is still very much alive today at Nissan Chemical where we are working to expand our business horizons with innovative technologies and projects that will make the world a better place for all.

At the heart of Nissan Chemical's operations you'll find general chemical products and a lot more. Today we are moving ahead with a keen focus on our major growth engines. These encompass performance materials (electronic, inorganic, and organic materials) that harness ultrafine particle control and functional polymer design technologies as well as life sciences products, including agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals employing fine organic synthesis and biological evaluation technologies. Committed to providing superior products and services, Nissan Chemical is viewed by customers everywhere as a chemical company that's like no other in the world.

In our medium-term business plan 2013 to 2015, we are committed to be "socially useful" through our products and services in line with our corporate vision of becoming "a company that contributes to human survival and development". The plan is aimed at cultivating exceptional growth as we carve out an even stronger foothold in the chemical market. The seeds of sustainable growth lie in expanding the performance materials business, developing promising candidate materials in our life sciences business, and maintaining flowing streams of revenue from our chemical products and affiliated companies. We are now moving forward to achieve these goals as we utilize our core technologies to develop new products and businesses.

Everyone across the entire Nissan Chemical Group is working with an eye to enhancing our ability to meet today's increasingly complex market needs without ever losing sight of our corporate roots that stretch back well over a century. This is the shared vision that drives us forward in cultivating the sustainable growth that will yield a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

We look forward to your further understanding and support.
Kojiro Kinoshita

Additional Information

Number of employees: 1000+

Year of foundation: 1887

Capital: 18,942 million JPY

Contact Person: Yuichiro Yamada

Supported languages: Japanese, English

Our Products: Chemical products, agriculture materials, pharmaceuticals, advanced materials

Our Brands: Nissan Chemical

Our Markets (countries): Japan, U.S.A., France, Korea

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